Unwilling Lovers (1977)

Annie Sprinkle (as Annie Sprinkles)
C.J. Laing [BJOnly]
Barbara Ames (as Holly Bush) [Anal]
Jody Maxwell [Swallow]
Nancy Dare [BJOnly Facial]
Renee Sanz [NonSex]
Terri Hall
Bernie Cohan
Chad Lambert
John Bush
John Lawrence
Peter Andrews
Rod Dumont
Zebedy Colt

“UnLo” is 1977 nasty porno roughie which stars Zebedy Colt as a semi-retarded
man who still lives as a child in his backwoods home.His view of sex is distorted
by memories of his mom and dad having sex then falling off a cliff,so he tries
to emulate their sick sex acts with any girl he sees.He violently kills five
women and rapes them post-mortem.This sordid little sickie offers a lot of hard
core sex and perversity.It’s a mean porno with rather repulsive necrophilia
scenes.Zebedy Colt,who played later in equally unsettling “Sex Wish” is a
hauntingly believable as a sicko with the penchant for necrophilia.Overall,
“UnLo” is a must-see.It mixes stimulating sex scenes with nauseating violence,
but relies on a storyline,good performances and a bizarre surprise ending.It
also features three American porno icons(Terri Hall,C.J.Laing and Annie Sprinkle),

Scene 1. Jody Maxwell, Rod Dumont
Scene 2. Chad Lambert, Terri Hall
Scene 3. Nancy Dare, Peter Andrews
Scene 4. Jody Maxwell, Rod Dumont, Zebedy Colt
Scene 5. Barbara Ames, John Bush
Scene 6. C.J. Laing, Rod Dumont, Annie Sprinkle, Zebedy Colt
Scene 7. guy, Renee Sanz






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