One Page Of Love (1979)

One Page Of Love (aka Two Sisters)


Diane Miller [NonSex]
Gena Lee [Facial]
Jennifer West
Nancy Hoffman
Pat Manning [Facial]
Romona St. Leger


Robert Bullock (as Anthony Richards)
Bill Margold
John Stagliano
John Hollyfield (as Larry Frady)
R.J. Reynolds
Ted Roter (as Tovia Israel) [NonSex]
Vic Stuart

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Romona St. Leger, Robert Bullock
Scene 2. Gena Lee, guy
Scene 3. Gena Lee, Nancy Hoffman
Scene 4. Gena Lee, R.J. Reynolds
Scene 5. Nancy Hoffman, R.J. Reynolds
Scene 6. Nancy Hoffman, Robert Bullock
Scene 7. Nancy Hoffman, Robert Bullock
Scene 8. Gena Lee
Scene 9. Gena Lee, Nancy Hoffman, Robert Bullock
Scene 10. Jennifer West, Romona St. Leger, Robert Bullock
Scene 11. Gena Lee, Robert Bullock
Scene 12. Gena Lee, Robert Bullock
Scene 13. Gena Lee, guy, R.J. Reynolds
Scene 14. Gena Lee, Robert Bullock
Scene 15. brun, Nancy Hoffman
Scene 16. Jennifer West, guy
Scene 17. brun, R.J. Reynolds
Scene 18. blonde, brun, Gena Lee, Jennifer West, Pat Manning, Romona St. Leger, Bill Margold, guy, John Stagliano, John Hollyfield, R.J. Reynolds
Scene 19. Gena Lee, John Hollyfield
Scene 20. Gena Lee, Nancy Hoffman, Vic Stuart
Scene 21. Gena Lee, faceless guy
Scene 22. Gena Lee, Ted Roter


Two beautiful sisters share a dark secret. Manon, disturbed and childlike, lives a reclusive life while her sister Suzanne provides for all her needs, including male companionship. This arrangement backfires when Suzanne falls in love with Rick, one of her pick-ups for Manon. This situation is further heated when Rick is attracted to childlike Manon and a conflict grows out of this complex love triangle. Rick finally breaks the cycle, takes Manon away from her sister’s influence and puts her into therapy. After a time, they decide to marry and invite the estranged Suzanne to the wedding. The shadowy ghosts from the past, however, descend on the ceremony and another Page of Love is torn out.



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