‘V’: The Hot One (1977)

Also Known As
“V” The Hot One
V-The Hot One

Directed by : Gary Graver / Robert McCallum

Annette Haven [IR]
Kay Parker [NonSex]
Kristine Heller [BJOnly]
Laurien Dominique
Desiree West (as Pat Lee)
Paula Wain
Sandy Pinney (as Sandi Pinney)
Tracy O’Neil [Facial]

Ray Wells (as “Radio” Ray Wells)
Blair Harris
Mick Jones (as Dashile Miguele)
David Pinney
Don Fernando
Frank Michaels
J.L. Clark [NonSex]
Joey Silvera (as Joey Siverno)
John Leslie
John Seeman
Jon Martin
Michael Orion
Paul Scharf
Paul Thomas
Tom McGhee [NonSex]

Scene 1 . Annette Haven
Scene 2 . Blair Harris, Don Fernando, Annette Haven
Scene 3 . Guy
Scene 4 . Annette Haven, Paul Thomas
Scene 5 . Laurien Dominique, Paul Thomas
Scene 6 . David Pinney, Annette Haven, Mick Jones
Scene 7 . Annette Haven, Michael Orion
Scene 8 . Annette Haven, Joey Silvera
Scene 9 . Desiree West, Kristine Heller, Ray Wells, Sandy Pinney
Scene 10 . Annette Haven, John Seeman
Scene 11 . Annette Haven, John Leslie
Scene 12 . Blair Harris, Don Fernando, Frank Michaels, Jon Martin, others, Paul Scharf, Paula Wain, Tracy O’Neil
Scene 13 . Annette Haven, Paul Thomas

Audio – English

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