The Year of the Sex Dragon (1986)

L’année du Sex-Dragon

Ron Jeremy

* Barbie Doll
* Kristara Barrington
* Miki Kurosawa
* Ronnie Dickson [Facial DPP]
* Tiffany Storm [Facial]

* Don Fernando
* Peter North
* Randy West
* Sasha Gabor
* Tom Byron

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Kristara Barrington, Randy West
* Scene 2. Ronnie Dickson, Peter North
* Scene 3. Barbie Doll, Randy West
* Scene 4. Miki Kurosawa, Ronnie Dickson, Don Fernando, Tom Byron
* Scene 5. Tiffany Storm, Don Fernando, Peter North
* Scene 6. Miki Kurosawa, Tiffany Storm
* Scene 7. Tiffany Storm, Sasha Gabor

Tiffany Storm runs a massage parlor in Chinatown. She warns all the women she hires that this is a clean place. They can massage a customer with their tits bare, but the man must keep his underwear on. Yeah, sure! It ends with the boys from the vice squad making a deal to get a percentage from the profits and “plenty of nookie” whenever they want it.

Language – French




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