Ginger’s Private Party (1985)


Scotty Fox

* Beverly Bliss
* Gina Valentino
* Ginger Lynn [Anal Facial]
* Jade Nichols
* Lana Burner (as Lacy Luv) [Facial]

* Alan Royce
* Marc Wallice (as Mark Wallice)
* Scott Hampton [MastOnly]
* Tom Byron

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Jade Nichols
* Scene 2. Ginger Lynn, Tom Byron
* Scene 3. Beverly Bliss, Alan Royce
* Scene 4. Gina Valentino, Ginger Lynn, Marc Wallice
* Scene 5. Lana Burner, Marc Wallice, Tom Byron
* Scene 6. Gina Valentino, Jade Nichols, Alan Royce
* Scene 7. Beverly Bliss, Gina Valentino, Ginger Lynn, Jade Nichols, Lana Burner, Alan Royce, Marc Wallice, Scott Hampton, Tom Byron

You are cordially invited to the party of your dreams. As your hostess Ginger Lynn takes you on a scavenger hunt through a million dollar mansion of fun. But beware: at the stroke of midnight, the real party begins.



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