Young Nurses In Love (1984)


Cast: Crystal Breeze, Beverly Bliss, Nicole Blanc, Dorothy Onan, Jay Serling, Francois, Shone Taylor, Steve Powers

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Nicole Blanc, Shone Taylor
  • Scene 2. Crystal Breeze, Jay Serling, Steve Powers
  • Scene 3. Beverly Bliss, Crystal Breeze
  • Scene 4. Beverly Bliss, Tracy Jones
  • Scene 5. Crystal Breeze, Francois
  • Scene 6. Beverly Bliss, Nicole Blanc, Chris Chase
  • Scene 7. Crystal Breeze, Francois, Shone Taylor


  • The closing credits belong to a different movie, Babylon Nights (1984), and should be disregarded for this film.

Language: English

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