Naughty Nanette (1985)

Beverly Bliss
Crystal Breeze (as Crystal Blue) [BJOnly Facial]
Desiree Lane [Anal Facial]
Dorothy Onan (as Joy Merchant)
Karen Summer

Dan T. Mann (as Doug Bennett)
Jay Serling
Jimmy Star
Jimmy Starr
Nick Niter
Paul Harmon
Steve Powers
Shone Taylor (as Sunny Glick)

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Beverly Bliss, Paul Harmon
  • Scene 2. Desiree Lane, Karen Summer
  • Scene 3. Karen Summer, Jay Serling
  • Scene 4. Desiree Lane
  • Scene 5. Desiree Lane, Nick Niter
  • Scene 6. Desiree Lane, Francois
  • Scene 7. Desiree Lane, Shone Taylor
  • Scene 8. Dorothy Onan, Jay Serling
  • Scene 9. Crystal Breeze, Desiree Lane, Dan T. Mann, Jimmy Starr, Steve Powers, Tracy Jones


  • The closing credits belong to a different movie – “Babylon Nights”.



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