Angel of the Night (1985)



Brittany Stryker [LezOnly]
Buffy Davis [Anal]
Sheena Horne (as Debbie Berle)
Jeanette Littledove (as Little Dove)
Lorrie Lovett (as Lori Levell)
Mary Kay
Rayanne Drew (as Tammy Hart)


Dan T. Mann
Eddie Marinara [NonSex]
Paul Thomas
Peter North
Tony Martino

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Angel, Brittany Stryker
Scene 2. Buffy Davis, Dan T. Mann
Scene 3. Mary Kay, Peter North
Scene 4. Sheena Horne, Paul Thomas
Scene 5. Buffy Davis, Sheena Horne, Lorrie Lovett
Scene 6. Jeanette Littledove, Tony Martino
Scene 7. Angel, Rayanne Drew, Paul Thomas



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