Beauty and the Beast 1 (1988)


Starring: Tracey Adams, Mike Horner, John Leslie, Nikki Knights, Jacqueline Lorians, Megan Leigh, Tom Byron, Alicia Monet, Jerry Butler.

You’ve gotta love a well-made flick. This one certainly meets the goals it set for itself, including the sex, the humor, the sex, the costumes, the sex… you get the idea. One of my favorite scenes, besides the sex, was the beast playing scrabble with Mike Horner. Beast spells out “quastle” and insists this is the correct spelling for “castle”. When Horner, keeping in mind that he is playing against a hideous and powerful beast, tries to delicately point out that “quastle” is not a real word, the beast delicately asks if he’d mentioned that he has a rack in the cellar (or something to that effect). This movie has all of the earmarks of quality film-making; good sets, believable costumes, enjoyable sex-scenes with beautiful women, silly dialogue (in the silly moments) and serious talk in the more tender moments (and yes, this movie did have a couple of those, as well), a solid story, and convincing acting.
None of this nonsense you see in modern porn exists during the era “Beauty and the Beast” was filmed. In “the good old days” we weren’t subjected to extreme close-ups of some beautiful young lady staring into the camera, and we didn’t have super-sized tits with huge scars (defying gravity as they seem to do today). This is why I prefer the “older” movies, like Beauty and the Beast; the women were natural and “real”, there was a story along with the sex, and the dialogue wasn’t weak. I haven’t seen this movie in a long time, but since coming across it (absolutely NO pun intended) on IMDb, I think I’ll track it down and get it on DVD. Definitely worth it!!



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