Das Sexabitur (1978)

Alternate Titles
Bonnes à prendre – France, Alpha Video Coll., No 528
Schoolgirls Teil 2
Sex Abitur – Versaute Schulmädchen Träume 2 Herzog DVD title

Christa Abel plays the cleaning woman
Ginny Noack as Gini Noak, plays Anne / Eva Blume
Helmi Rubi plays two roles – Mr Blume’s secretary and the replacement French teacher at the end
Irene Falcke plays Petra
Jane Iwanoff uncredited, plays Else, the maid (in a long auburn wig)
Johanna Ebertseder plays Gabi
XNK4779 plays a class mate of Anne
XNK4838 plays Anne’s sister
XNK4839 plays a class mate of Anne, an extra


Mario Pollak plays Miller
Horst Sieger plays Heinz Blume
Claus Sasse plays the craftsman
Stefan Wiesehöfer plays Sven
Alfred Acktum plays the headmaster
Christoph Paulik

Language: German

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