The Golden Age Of Danish Pornography 2 (1970 – 1974)


The Golden Age of Danish Pornography is a collection of vintage 8mm hardcore films from the 1970s directed by Danish Porn Pioneer Freddy Weiss. In the 1970s Weiss started making his own pornographic films and released them in series such as Playgirl and Venus Films. Considered as lost films for decades Pink Flamingo Entertainment have finally unearthed the original negatives of many of these classic films and are proud to present them on DVD.

1) Unknown – After The Party
2) Venus Film 2003 – Anal Satisfaction
3) Venus Film 3 – Big Date
4) Venus Film 12 – Birthday Sex
5) Playgirl Film 6 – Burning Arse
6) Venus Film 8 – Office Sex (aka Climax De Luxe 6 – Hoopy Hoopy)
7) Venus Film 9 – Picnic (aka Playgirl Film – Picnic aka Climax De Luxe – Picknick aka Bonaparte Film – Camping Sex)
8) Unknown – Pleasant Interruption
9) Sex Fantasies 4 – Mr Hot Dog (aka Served Black)
10) Venus Film 4 – The Negro And The Maid
11) Playhouse Film 106 – Triangle Sex



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