Bordello a Parigi (1978)


Original Title

* Bordell SS

Alternate Titles

* Piaceri a Parigi (Italy, video box title)
* Bordello a Parigi (Italy)
* Freundenhaus 42
* The Red Devils
* SS Bordello

Production year: 1978
Country: Italy-France
Genre: Classic, Feature
Duration: 1:17:15

Directed by: Jose Benazeraf
Studio: Punch Video

Starring: Actresses

* Barbara Moose as Martine Semot, plays a prostitute
* Brigitte Lahaie plays a prostitute
* Dolores Manta plays a prostitute
* Erika Cool plays a prostitute
* Fiorentina Fuga uncredited, plays a prostitute
* An unknown mature blonde plays the madam


* Pierre Belot
* Hubert Geral
* Aaron Hauchart
* Guy Royer plays an SS officer
* Alban Ceray makes a brief, uncredited, appearance as a French client of the brothel



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