Body Love (1977)


Alternate Title

* Kaerleksinfernot

Director: Lasse Braun (as Larry Brown in original)


* Catherine Ringer as Lolita da Nova, plays Martine
* Gwenda Farnel as Glenda Farrel, plays Glenda, wife of the Baron and stepmother of Martine
* Gilda Arancio plays Gilda
* Gemma Gimenez plays Nana, Martine’s sex slave
* Chantal Virapin plays a guest
* Cristel Lauris as Christine Louis, plays a guest
* Evelyne Manta plays a guest (uncredited)
* Frederique Souchier plays a guest
* Micky Love as Michele d’Agro, plays a guest


* Jacques Gateau, as Jack Gatteau, plays the reporter
* Jean Gerard Sorlin plays the Baron
* Louison Boutin plays Bill
* Benoit Archenoul as Raymond Ximay (?), plays Ben
* Tony Morena plays the Uncle
* Carmelo Petix plays the butler
* Bent Rohweder plays a guest (uncredited)
* Carlo Manuguerra plays a guest
* Hans Sonntag plays a guest
* Jean-Claude Baboulin plays a guest (uncredited)
* Mike Lennart plays a guest
* Louis Mayer (might be a female, Louise Maier) plays a guest

Scene Breakdowns

* Scene 1. Gwenda Farnel, Benoit Archenoul, Louison Boutin
* Scene 2. Gilda Arancio, Catherine Ringer
* Scene 3. Jacques Gatteau, Gemma Gimenez
* Scene 4. Catherine Ringer, Chantal Virapin, Cristel Lauris, Evelyne Manta, Gemma Gimenez, Gilda Arancio, Gwenda Farnel, Micky Love, girls, Bent Rohweder, Carmelo Petix, Jacques Gatteau, Jean Gerard Sorlin, Jean-Claude Baboulin, Tony Morena, guys

MKV/x264 — 1.15 GB — 01:16:08 — 704×576
Language: French , English




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