Body Love (1977)


Released: 1977
Director: Lasse Braun (as Larry Brown in original)


* Catherine Ringer as Lolita da Nova, plays Martine
* Gwenda Farnel as Glenda Farrel, plays Glenda, wife of the Baron and stepmother of Martine
* Gilda Arancio plays Gilda
* Gemma Gimenez plays Nana, Martine’s sex slave
* Chantal Virapin plays a guest
* Cristel Lauris as Christine Louis, plays a guest
* Evelyne Manta plays a guest (uncredited)
* Frederique Souchier plays a guest
* Micky Love as Michele d’Agro, plays a guest


* Jacques Gateau, as Jack Gatteau, plays the reporter
* Jean Gerard Sorlin plays the Baron
* Louison Boutin plays Bill
* Benoit Archenoul as Raymond Ximay (?), plays Ben
* Tony Morena plays the Uncle
* Carmelo Petix plays the butler
* Bent Rohweder plays a guest (uncredited)
* Carlo Manuguerra plays a guest
* Hans Sonntag plays a guest
* Jean-Claude Baboulin plays a guest (uncredited)
* Mike Lennart plays a guest
* Louis Mayer (might be a female, Louise Maier) plays a guest

Scene Breakdowns

* Scene 1. Gwenda Farnel, Benoit Archenoul, Louison Boutin
* Scene 2. Gilda Arancio, Catherine Ringer
* Scene 3. Jacques Gatteau, Gemma Gimenez
* Scene 4. Catherine Ringer, Chantal Virapin, Cristel Lauris, Evelyne Manta, Gemma Gimenez, Gilda Arancio, Gwenda Farnel, Micky Love, girls, Bent Rohweder, Carmelo Petix, Jacques Gatteau, Jean Gerard Sorlin, Jean-Claude Baboulin, Tony Morena, guys

Martine’s father, the Baron, and stepmother are a pair of swingers who arrange a big party to celebrate Martine’s coming of age during which she will lose her virginity in grand style as the star of an orgy. Pretentious tosh, but effective erotica.
Body Love is a surrealist’s sex film with excellent cinematography and the sophistication of a European production. Filmed in Germany in 1977.





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