Butterflies (1975)

Alternate Titles
Baby Tramp – UK, soft
Blafferen – Swedish double DVD, hard and soft versions
Broken Butterfly – UK, soft
Butterfly – West Germany, original release title
Lifterskan – Sweden
Mein Körper schreit nach Liebe – West Germany, re-release title
La Petite trotteuse – Canada
Sex-Experts – West Germany, VFL Exclusiv video title
Young Butterflies

Director: Joseph W. Sarno

Marie Forsa … Denise
Harry Reems … Frank
Eric Edwards … Freddy (as Rob Everett)
Heidi Kappler (as Natascha Verell)
Irene Wendlin
Marius Aicher
Nadia Henkowa
Zoe (as Zoe)
Isabelle Cullinen … Disco patron (uncredited)
Robbin Cullinen … Disco patron (uncredited)

Scene 1. Maria Forsa, Eric Edwards
Scene 2. Maria Forsa, Eric Edwards
Scene 3. Maria Forsa, Harry Reems
Scene 4. Zoe, Harry Reems
Scene 5. Irene Wendlin, Harry Reems
Scene 6. Maria Forsa, Harry Reems
Scene 7. Natascha Verell, Harry Reems
Scene 8. Natascha Verell, Harry Reems

Language : English



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