Carnal Olympics (1983)

An X-rated magazine sponsored a contest to determine who’s the sexiest girl in San Francisco. After an exhaustive and deep probing search, an ace reporter sniffs out two sizzling strumpets who’ll do anything for the twenty thousand dollar prize money in no-holds barred Carnal Olympics. Event number one finds each team in a very hot girl-girl love making event where the judges give the gals a ten on technique alone. Event number two has each girl seducing an officer of the law in a hard-driving shoot out of a very personal nature. In the final and decisive event number three, a not to be believed poop party turns into an orgy of truly Olympian proportions where everyone turns out to be a wild, wild winner.


Anna Pierce (as Ann D. Pierce)
Denise DeMiano
Gail Sterling (as Gayle Sterling)
Kathy Kay
Marcia Cassano
Marguerite Nuit
Sabrina Tramel (as S. Tramel)
Lynx Canon (as Susan Kay) [Anal]
Tamara Kofenn


Blair Harris
Bruce Murphy
Don Fernando
Hershel Savage (as Hardey Cahuen)
Jack Mason
Jesse Adams
Michael Morrison
Paul Harmon
Tony Cassano

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. girl, Kathy Kay, Lynx Canon
Scene 2. Anna Pierce, Gail Sterling, Marguerite Nuit
Scene 3. girl, Kathy Kay, Lynx Canon, guy, Hershel Savage, Jesse Adams
Scene 4. Anna Pierce, Gail Sterling, Marguerite Nuit, Blair Harris, Don Fernando
Scene 5. Anna Pierce, Gail Sterling, Paul Harmon
Scene 6. Kathy Kay, Lynx Canon, Michael Morrison
Scene 7. Anna Pierce, Gail Sterling, Kathy Kay, Lynx Canon, Don Fernando, Guys, Hershel Savage, Jack Mason




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