Hetaste Liggen (1983)

Alternate Titles

* Amore e cavallo (probably a fake Italian title)
* Brandheiss (Germany, VFL, 74 mins)
* Call Girl (USA, 1984; Cal Vista, VCX DVD, 1 hr 20 mins some scenes removed)
* Hate and Love
* International Gigolo
* Los polvos de Marilyn (Spain, video title)
* The Kidnapping Of Marilyn
* Love and Hate
* Mädchen die Untersättliche Blond (Germany)
* Marilyn Desejos de uma Estrela (Brazil)
* La Soumise (Delta X Video)
* Storie di ordinaria pornofollia (Italy, video title)
* Ti thranio, ti porneio!… (Greece, video title)


* Cathy Ménard
* Danielle Altenburger
* Marianne Aubert
* Nicole Segaud as Helen Shelley, plays Natacha
* Obaya Roberts Diana, Gabriel Pontello’s first girlfriend
* Olinka Hardiman as Marilyn Lamour, plays Marilyn
* Olivia Flores? second orgy
* Patricia Santos plays a streetwalker, Barbara Leroy
* XNK0460? second orgy
* XNK0486 first orgy

Apart from Marilyn Lamour (Olinka) all other cast names are fake and probably unique to this title.


* Gabriel Pontello plays Ceasar (sic)
* Richard Lemieuvre plays Lucifer and the crooked cop
* Jean-Pierre Armand
* Alban Ceray
* Dominique Aveline
* Gil Lagardère, i.e. the male Dominique St. Clair
* Dany Berger
* Piotr Stanislas
* several unrecognised

Language: English ( 01:20:11 )

Language: English, Dutch subs ( 01:35:46 )
longer, but poor video quality


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