Hetaste liggen (1983)

Released: 1982
Director: Andrei Feher as Andrew Whyte
Notes: Sweden/France, 1 hr 27 mins

Alternate Titles
Amore e cavallo Dir. Andrei Feher as Vangelis Serdaris (fake credit) probably a fake Italian title
Brandheiß West Germany, VFL, 74 mins
Call Girl 1984 USA, Cal Vista, VCX DVD, 1 hr 20 mins some scenes removed
Hate and Love
International Gigolo
The Kidnapping Of Marilyn
Love and Hate
Madchen die Untersattliche Blond West Germany
Marilyn Desejos de uma Estrela Brazil
Rape of an American Slut
Storie di ordinaria pornofollia Italy, video title

Cathy Ménard
Danielle Altenburger as?
Marianne Aubert
Nicole Segaud as Helen Shelley in the American release, Call Girl, plays Natacha
Obaya Roberts Diana, Gabriel Pontello’s first girlfriend
Olinka Hardiman as Marilyn Lamour, plays Marilyn
Patricia Santos plays a streetwalker, Barbara Leroy
XNK0486 first orgy
Released by Scandinavian Art Film, Stockholm. My copy has Portuguese sub-titles.

Apart from Gabriel Pontello and Marilyn Lamour (Olinka) all other cast names are fake and probably unique to this title.

Males –

Gabriel Pontello plays Ceasar (sic)
Richard Lemieuvre plays Lucifer and the crooked cop
Richard Lemieuvre
Jean-Pierre Armand
Alban Ceray
Dominique Aveline
Gil Lagardère, i.e. the male Dominique St. Clair
Dany Berger
Piotr Stanislas
several unrecognised

Gabriel Pontello kidnaps Olinka to make her a call-girl. They fall for each other and she replaces his current girlfriend, Diana (XNK0485, but he still puts her to work in parties (orgies) he organises. There is a rival pimp, called Lucifer, however, and he breaks into the house, imprisons Gabriel and forces Olinka to have sex with him and Dominique Aveline. After putting her to work on the streets, he organises a smaller orgy, but when they are all flaked out Olinka knocks them out and rescues Gabriel.







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