Caught from Behind 2: The Sequel (1983)


Karine Hornel (as Karen Klein) [Anal Facial]
Mary Gass [Anal]
Nancy Sutter [Anal]
Raysheena Mercado (as Raysheena) [Anal]
Shantell Day (as Rhonda Shantell) [Anal]
Rosemarie (as Rose Marie) [Anal]
Sue Wadsworth [Anal]


Eric Edwards
Hershel Savage
Marc Wallice (as Mark Goldberg)
Paul Thomas
Ron Jeremy
Scott Irish
Frank James (as Scott James)
Tom Byron
Tommy LaRock (as Tom La Rock)

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Rosemarie, Eric Edwards
  • Scene 2. Marie Teirney, Marc Wallice, Tommy LaRock
  • Scene 3. Raysheena Mercado, Rosemarie, Eric Edwards, Ron Jeremy
  • Scene 4. Karine Hornel, Scott Irish, Tom Byron
  • Scene 5. Shantell Day, Frank James
  • Scene 6. Nancy Sutter, Herschel Savage
  • Scene 7. Mary Gass, Paul Thomas
  • Scene 8. Rosemarie
  • Scene 9. Rosemarie, Eric Edwards



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