Caught from Behind 2: The Sequel (1983)

Sensual anal erotica continues in this naughty rear end feature.

Hal Freeman
Mark Weiss (writer)


Karine Hornel (as Karen Klein) [Anal Facial]
Mary Gass [Anal]
Nancy Sutter [Anal]
Raysheena Mercado (as Raysheena) [Anal]
Shantell Day (as Rhonda Shantell) [Anal]
Rosemarie (as Rose Marie) [Anal]
Sue Wadsworth [Anal]


Eric Edwards
Hershel Savage
Marc Wallice (as Mark Goldberg)
Paul Thomas
Ron Jeremy
Scott Irish
Frank James (as Scott James)
Tom Byron
Tommy LaRock (as Tom La Rock)

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Rosemarie, Eric Edwards
Scene 2. Sue Wadsworth, Marc Wallice, Tommy LaRock
Scene 3. Raysheena Mercado, Rosemarie, Eric Edwards, Ron Jeremy
Scene 4. Karine Hornel, Scott Irish, Tom Byron
Scene 5. Shantell Day, Frank James
Scene 6. girl, Hershel Savage
Scene 7. girl, Paul Thomas
Scene 8. Rosemarie
Scene 9. Rosemarie, Eric Edwards




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