Caught From Behind 3 : The Movie (1985)

Also Known As
Caught from Behind III: The Movie
Sodomaniac (French release, Laura)


Ali Moore [Anal]
Andrea Brittian (as Andrea Roland) [Anal]
Buffy Davis (as Buffey) [Anal]
Kristara Barrington [Anal]
Stevie Taylor [Anal]
Tamara Longley (as Tamara) [Anal]


Tony Martino (as Chuck Martin)
Marc Wallice
Paul Thomas
Ron Jeremy

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Tamara Longley, Ron Jeremy
Scene 2. Ali Moore, Marc Wallice
Scene 3. Buffy Davis, Paul Thomas
Scene 4. Andrea Brittian, Paul Thomas
Scene 5. Stevie Taylor, Tony Martino
Scene 6. Stevie Taylor, Ron Jeremy
Scene 7. Kristara Barrington, Marc Wallice

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