Champagne for Breakfast (1980)


Director – Chris Warfield

Tony Agravinia – Gas Station Attendant/Car Wash Attendant
Kandi Barbour – Sheree
Leslie Bovee – Champagne
Steve Charles – Board Member #2
Mary Daugherty – Old Woman
Gary Fields – Board Member #1
Tony Grant – Male Whorehouse Madam
Blair Harris – John
Bonnie Holliday – Peggy
Milton Ingley – Tex (as Michael Morrison)
Timmi Jansen – Girl on Roller Skates
Jabu Kahn – Buck
Sharon Kane – Car Wash Girl
William V. King – Bartender
John Lawrence – Board Member #3
Dorothy Le May – Fantasia
John Leslie – Harry, Champagne’s Chauffeur
Jon Martin – Peter (as Jeffery Stern)
David Morris – Youth in Motel
Kay Parker – Gladys Whitmore
Karen Penzell – Toni
Candida Royale – Michelle (as Candida Royalle)
Ken Scudder – Eric
John Seeman – Jim Swanson
Raymond H. Shockey – Mr. Britton
Linda Smith – Receptionist
Paul Thomas – Stanley
Reggie Turlock – Man in Piano Bar
Chris Vaughn – Whorehouse Piano Player
Cara Whitley – Girl in Whorehouse
Russ Wilson – Piano Player

* Scene 1. Bonnie Holiday, Ken Scudder
* Scene 2. Kandi Barbour, Dorothy LeMay, John Leslie
* Scene 3. John Leslie, Kay Parker
* Scene 4. Leslie Bovee, David Morris
* Scene 5. Leslie Bovee, Candida Royalle
* Scene 6. Leslie Bovee, Michael Morrison
* Scene 7. Leslie Bovee, Jon Martin, Jonathon Younger, Tony Grant
* Scene 8. Sharon Kane, John Leslie
* Scene 9. Blair Harris, Leslie Bovee
* Scene 10. Leslie Bovee, John Leslie

High executive Champagne hires Harry as a chauffeur for her sex trips. The job provides Harry with women…too many of them. But his boss Gladys Whitmore is so horny that she asks him for the same thing when he comes by to complain.



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