Yiddish Erotica (1987)

Starring: Joanna Storm, Tamara Longley, Kimberly Carson, Olinka, Gina Carrera, Eric Edwards, Joey Silvera, Billy Dee, Paul Thomas.

Oy vey! You’ll find lots to like within this carnal compilation, which brings together some of the hottest sex scenes from Essex videos during the mid-80′s. And while it’s called ‘Yiddish Erotica,’ the Jewish-themed jokes are pretty much restricted to the box cover. Once you actually pop this one in the VCR, though, it’s a straight-forward collection of one-on-one scenes featuring some of the tastiest tarts of the time. And anyone who remembers 80′s porn will have some favorites among the sassy starlets on hand here. Kimberly Carson shines in her segment, showing off her spectacular figure and vivacious hunger for sex in one of the vid’s high points. Gina Carrera’s another nubile nugget whose God-given curves prove to be too much for her lucky partner. Lots of curvaceous stunners flaunting their ripe natural assets make this one a great pick for fans looking for a taste of the Reagan Decade. It’s a virtual who’s-who of the 80′s porn princesses.




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