Tout pour le plaisir (1976)


Original Title

* Les Plaisirs solitaires

Alternate Titles

* Blutjung und verführerisch (Germany, Amor)
* Erotic Pleasures (USA, Caballero)
* Das Erste öffnen junger Lippen (Germany, VMP)
* Femmes à Combler (Alpha France, video reissue title)
* Lonely Pleasures
* Solitary Pleasures
* Tout pour le plaisir! (video re-issue title and DVD title)

Released: 1976
Director: Francis Leroi
Notes: Bleu One DVD with Charlotte mouille sa culotte and La Servante Perverse


* Carole Gire as Christine Martin, plays Martine
* Dolores Manta plays Martine’s friend, Charlotte (?)
* Maryline Guillaume plays Joelle
* Siegried Cellier plays Arlene
* XNK0881 Joelle’s lesbian friend


* Herve Amalou (Andre Miller) plays Hector (Professor Malraux), the man to whom Joelle loses her virginity
* Gilles Kervizic plays Martine’s lover, Eric
* Jean-Baptiste Oury plays Guy (Charlotte’s husband?)
* Dominique Aveline plays the man in the taxi
* Guy Royer plays the man who robs Arlene
* Rene Douglas plays Joelle’s father
* Jacques Gatteau plays the man rejected by Martine
* and others

The misadventures of three women in the same apartment block. After being disappointed with a boyfriend who wants her to whip him and having a lesbian fling with a schoolfriend, Joelle (Maryline Guillaume) finally manages to lose her viriginity with her teacher, Hector, but they are dicovered by her father and she is kicked out of their apartment.
Martine (Carole Gire) is dissatisfied with her husband and seeks pleasure elsewhere, for example with her friend (Dolores Manta and her husband). Martine’s husband finally leaves her.



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