Exploring Young Girls (1977)


Synopsis: In a lavish living room are some of adult film’s best known starlets. A young journalist interviews them about their adult movie careers and they relate in dirty detail the stories of their favorite performances and scenes! The action is blistering and you won’t believe how kinky and dirty these girls can get!



* Erica Havens [Facial]
* Harriet Hart (as Harrietta Hart) [Facial]
* Sharon Mitchell [Squirt]
* Susaye London (as Sousie London) [Facial]
* Vanessa del Rio [Anal Facial DP]


* David Morris
* John Leslie
* David Pierce (as Rick Chamberlann)
* Tony Richards
* Wade Nichols

Scene Breakdowns

* Scene 1. Vanessa del Rio, 3 masked guys
* Scene 2. Erica Havens, John Leslie
* Scene 3. Harriet Hart, faceless guy
* Scene 4. Sharon Mitchell, Tony Richards
* Scene 5. Erica Havens, 4 faceless guys
* Scene 6. Vanessa del Rio, faceless guy
* Scene 7. Sharon Mitchell, Susaye London
* Scene 8. Sharon Mitchell, Susaye London, David Morris, Tony Richards
* Scene 9. Harriet Hart
* Scene 10. Erica Havens, Wade Nichols
* Scene 11. faceless girl, Vanessa del Rio, faceless guy
* Scene 12. Sharon Mitchell
* Scene 13. Erica Havens, faceless guy
* Scene 14. Harriet Hart, faceless guy, Wade Nichols
* Scene 15. girl, Tony Richards
* Scene 16. Erica Havens, Harriet Hart, Sharon Mitchell, Vanessa del Rio, David Pierce




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