French Blue (1974)


Original Theatrical Title

* Penetration

Alternate Titles

* The Family Jewels (possibly)
* French Blue
* Lasse Braun’s Liebesgeflüster (Germany, Mike Hunter)
* Liebesgeflüster
* Penetrator

Director: Lasse Braun


* Aria Arsikainen
* Brigitte Maier
* Claudine Beccarie in the loop Cake Orgy
* Dawn Cumming as Joan Koehler, plays the fluffer
* Elisabeth Welt
* Lindsay, the aide to Lasse Braun, non-sex
* Monique van Dam
* Solvej Kristensen
* Sylvia Bourdon in the loop Cake Orgy
* Wendy Larson
* XNK4550 (possibly Lykke Frandsen), herself, the script girl
* XNK4561 in the loop Cake Orgy
* XNK4638 includes loop Funny Priest
* XNK4639 includes loop Funny Priest


* Lasse Braun, himself
* Willy Bracque, himself
* Nico Tierlier, himself
* Claudio Rosso in the loop Casanova and the Country Girls
* Bent Rohweder in the loops Funny Priest and Cake Orgy
* Robert Leray, in the loop Penetration

Language: English (and a little French)
English subtitles play by default, or choose French subs in your media player.



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