Belles d’un soir (1977) & Parties de chasse en Sologne (1979) DVD


Released: 1977
Genre: Classic, Feature, Couples
Director: Claude Mulot as Frédéric Lansac
Issued: Alpha France
Duration: 1 hour 17 mins

The names of other publications:
* Suprêmes jouissances
* Exquisite Pleasure
* La Garçonnière
* Jouissances
* Königin der Lust West Germany, Beate Uhse
* Supreme Delights

Plot: Martine, Mimi and Doris finally get fed up with their waster boyfriends who hang around playing pinball machines and fishing while the girls work. So the girls leave, set up in their own apartment and begin to behave like female chauvinist pigs, scandalising their landlord. They hire a male live-in housekeeper and exhaust him with their sexual demands. But they not only lose patience with their boyfriends but with their employers. Mimi runs amok in the advertising studio and Martine while on air in the radio station, pausing on the way home to drag a man into the toilets of a café. When Doris, the nurse, finally snaps with her patient’s demands for ‘un petit massage’ (in his case a titty fuck) and empties his bottle (yes that sort of bottle) over his head, they realise they can’t afford to pay the housekeeper. Nor can they afford to pay him in lieu of notice; so they scare him off with more sexual demands. Meanwhile their old boyfriends have found a couple of replacements (XNK0408, XNK0409) whom they kick out in mid-orgy when marriage is mentioned.
The girls fail to find work and when the rent falls due they have to pay the landlord in kind. They then set up their apartment as a brothel but get busted while entertaining a client and his son. Their old boyfriends meet them out of prison and put them to work – entertaining male clients while the boyfriends play cards.

* Brigitte Lahaie – plays Doris
* Cristel Lauris – uncredited, plays aa replacement girlfriend
* Katia Heimerton – uncredited, plays a replacement girlfriend
* Martine Grimaud – plays Martine
* Véronique Maugarski – plays Mimi

* Gilles Karl, credited as Karl, plays Francis
* Louison Boutin plays Dick
* Alban Ceray plays Antony (Martine’s boyfriend)
* Dominique Aveline plays Luis (the girls’ live-in housekeeper)
* Hubert Géral plays Jose (actor in adverts)
* Guy Bonnafoux plays Rothman (Doris’s patient)
* Tony Morena plays Mr. Samuel (the girls’ landlord)
* Hervé Amalou plays Étudiant (man picked up in cafe by Martine?)
* John Oury, uncredited, plays the client who takes his son to take photos and lose his cherry
* Michel Dauba plays the client’s son
* Daniel Bellus plays the director of the commercial shoot, nonsex


Parties de chasse en Sologne (1979)

Released: 1979
Genre: Classic, Feature, Couples
Director: Claude Mulot as Frédéric Lansac
Issued: Alpha France
Duration: 1 hour 13 mins

The names of other publications:
* Big Orgy
* Chattes mouillées
* Ekstase einer Nacht
* Extases totales
* Hot and Horny
* La Grande mouille
* Todos mojados … a por toallas

Plot: The female owner of a large country house (Catherine Léno) has lots of guests to stay for a shooting party. As they arrive she is in the middle of sex games with the servants. The two maids, one of whom is Marilyn Jess, the other XNK0131, prepare both her and the chauffeur to have sex with each other and the two are copulating on a bed when the first guests arrive.
Various sex games occur. Males are given blow jobs while shooting at birds in flight and while playing cards by the maids. Brigitte Lahaie has sex with a man on a couch while all the others watch before going in to dinner. After dinner there is a sexy game of hide and seek. One of the guests involved in this is XNK0132. XNK0133 is an extra in the crowd scene when the guests arrive.
Maroussia may possibly be Elsa Maroussia.

* Brigitte Lahaie – as Brigitte Lahaye, plays a guest
* Catherine Léno – as Kay O’Nell
* Céline Gallone – very brief non-sex appearance
* Danièle David
* France Lomay
* Karine Gambier – as Karine Stephen, plays a guest
* Marilyn Jess – uncredited, plays a maid
* Maroussia

* Dominique Aveline – plays a guest
* Gabriel Pontello – plays a guest
* Ghislain Van Hove – plays a guest
* Guy Royer – plays a guest
* Alain Fonduron – plays the chauffeur
* Jacques Marbeuf – uncredited, plays a guest
* Cyril Val – uncredited, plays the bearded guest

Video: PAL | 4: 3 | 720×576 | 25.000 fps | 6500 Kbps
Audio: Francais  AC3 | 48.0 KHz | 2 ch | 128 Kbps
Audio: English  AC3 | 48.0 KHz | 2 ch | 128 Kbps
Size: 7.10 Gb




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