Girls of the Night (1984)


Amber Lynn [Facial]
Colleen Brennan (as Colleen Brennen) [Facial]
Renee Tiffany (as Renee Tyfani)
Sahara [Facial]
Sandy [NonSex]


Harry Reems
Jay Serling
Nick Random [NonSex]
Peter North
R. Bolla

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Amber Lynn, R. Bolla
Scene 2. Colleen Brennan, Peter North
Scene 3. Amber Lynn, Renee Tiffany
Scene 4. Sahara, Jay Serling
Scene 5. Colleen Brennan, Renee Tiffany, Harry Reems
Scene 6. Amber Lynn, Colleen Brennan, Harry Reems
Scene 7. Renee Tiffany, R. Bolla
Scene 8. Amber Lynn, Jay Serling

Language: English

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