I Like To Be Watched (1984)

Also Known As
Gierige Blicke

Starring: Cara Lott, Leslie Winston, Rikki Blake, Christy Canyon (as Sara Wine), Je T’Aime (as Tracy Austin), Greg Rome, Marc Wallice, Peter North, Tom Byron

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Christy Canyon
  • Scene 2. Leslie Winston, Christy Canyon
  • Scene 3. Leslie Winston, Marc Wallice
  • Scene 4. Christy Canyon
  • Scene 5. Rikki Blake, Peter North
  • Scene 6. Rikki Blake, Christy Canyon
  • Scene 7. Christy Canyon, Greg Rome
  • Scene 8. Je T’Aime, Marc Wallice
  • Scene 9. Cara Lott, Leslie Winston, Christy Canyon
  • Scene 10. Leslie Winston, Christy Canyon, Tom Byron

Language: English

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