Indian Lady (1981)

Year: 1981
Country: USA
Genre: Classic, oral, group, lesbi

Directed by: Cindy Lou Sutters

Indian Lady
Her name is Debbie Truelove, a lusty lady of mystery. She’s half Indian, half American, and all nympho! Wearing her favorite pair of roller skates, she rolls in and out of countless arousing situations, beginning with a hot photo session that gets out of hand when the horny shutterbug seduces two gorgeous models. Then, Debbie leads us through a typical day for her; filled with enough girl-girl encounters, group gropes, and outrageous couplings to satisfy even the most jaded fan! So, wanna crawl in her teepee, or what?


Andrea Martin
Angela O’Day
Debbie Truelove [BJOnly]
Kelly Matthews
Starr Johnson
Sunny Summers
Toni Alessandrini (as Toni Renee)


Charles Antony
George Beanart
H. Floran
Jerry Davis
Rick Valenzio




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