Play Me Again Vanessa (1986)


Production year: 1986
Country : United States
Genre : All sex, oral, DP, lesbian
Duration: 1:12:25
Language: English

Directed by : Tim McDonald
Studio : VCA

Starring : Vanessa del Rio, Jerry Butler, DJ Cone, Billy Dee, Luis De Jesus, Tiffany DuPonte, Nina Hartley, Mike Horner, Dan T. Mann, Lili Marlene, Jon Martin, Melissa Melendez, Francois Papillon, Taija Rae, Dick Rambone, Rick Savage, Scorpio, Joey Silvera, Paul Thomas, Marc Wallice

Vanessa del Rio, the all-time greatest porn temptress, takes on supernatural proportions as she steps out of Taija Rae’s TV screen to teach her the ins and outs of sex. Along the way, she seduces French waiters, acrobats, a midget, and a massive stud. You’ll love it.

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Tiffany Duponte, Vanessa del Rio, Marc Wallice
Scene 2 . Melissa Melendez, Joey Silvera
Scene 3 . Taija Rae
Scene 4 . Vanessa del Rio, Dan T. Mann, Paul Thomas
Scene 5 . Melissa Melendez, Taija Rae
Scene 6. Lili Marlene, Rick Savage
Scene 7. D.J. Cone, Scorpio
Scene 8. Vanessa del Rio, Jon Martin
Scene 9. Vanessa del Rio, Dick Rambone
Scene 10 . Lili Marlene, Jon Martin, Rick Savage
Scene 11. D.J. Cone, Dick Rambone
Scene 12. Vanessa del Rio, Jon Martin
Scene 13. Melissa Melendez, Jerry Butler
Scene 14. Vanessa del Rio, Luis De Jesus
Scene 15. Taija Rae, Francois
Scene 16. Nina Hartley, Vanessa del Rio
Scene 17. Nina Hartley, Vanessa del Rio, Mike Horner
Scene 18. Taija Rae, Billy Dee, Jerry Butler



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