A Girl’s Best Friend (1981)


Director Henri Pachard Minutes

Carry Graham (as Cami Graham)
Christie Ford
Erica Eaton [NonSex]
Jody Maxwell
Juliet Anderson
Linda Vale
Merle Michaels
Patricia Dale [NonSex]
Samantha Fox
Veri Knotty
Veronica Hart
Adam DeHaven [NonSex]
Bobby Astyr
David Ruby
Edwin Back [NonSex]
Kurt Mann
R. Bolla
Ron Hudd
Ron Jeremy

Scene 1. Juliet Anderson, R. Bolla
Scene 2. Jody Maxwell, Ron Jeremy
Scene 3. Merle Michaels, Ron Jeremy
Scene 4. Ron Jeremy, Samantha Fox
Scene 5. Juliet Anderson, David Ruby
Scene 6. Bobby Astyr, Veri Knotty
Scene 7. Juliet Anderson, Bobby Astyr
Scene 8. Ron Jeremy, Veronica Hart
Scene 9. Linda Vale, Merle Michaels, Ron Jeremy
Scene 10. Christie Ford, R. Bolla
Scene 11. Merle Michaels, R. Bolla
Scene 12. Merle Michaels, R. Bolla
Scene 13. Bobby Astyr, Christie Ford
Scene 14. guy, Linda Vale
Scene 15. Juliet Anderson, Ron Jeremy
Scene 16. Juliet Anderson, Ron Jeremy, Veronica Hart

The story involves a hectic and hilarious chase as Mrs. Leautrec (Juliet Anderson) and her dashing son Paul (Ron Jeremy) stalk three incredibly beautiful diamonds through the ballrooms and bedrooms of Europe, using love and lust as tools of their trade. Hot on the trail of the third and finest diamond, our notorious heroes find themselves at an elegant New York disco where Mrs. Leautrec meets the diamond’s owner, Mr. Greenfield, while Paul strikes an unusual sexual bargain with the lady in red (Samantha Fox). Mr. Greenfield, a multi-millionaire, invites Paul and his mother to his annual masquerade and orgy. As hundreds of masked party-goers publicly pursue their favorite perversions, Paul and his mother are caught in an incestuously devious trap, causing them to lose the diamond to another thief (Veronica Hart).




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