Komm, ich mag das … (1978)

Alternate Titles
* “Komm ich mag das…” – West Germany, VFL
* On demande une secrétaire blonde
* Viens j’aime ça – 1980 Cinétèque/Erotica video
* Blondes humides

Barbara Moose plays an assistant to the doctor
Brigitte Lahaie plays the false blonde
Cathy Stewart plays an assistant to the doctor
Liliane Lemieuvre plays Gertrude
Lucie Doll plays the redhead in the car
Valérie Martin’s plays Aurore, the secretary

Males –

Richard Lemieuvre, as Richard Allan, plays Richard the CEO
Cyril Val plays the doctor’s assistant
Guy Royer, non-sex, plays the policeman
Charlie Schreiner plays Dr. Fraud

Language: French (better video quality )

Language: German

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