Scharfe Teens (1979)

Released: c. 1979
Director: Claude Pierson


* Barbara Moose plays Marie
* Brigitte Lahaie plays a nurse
* Catherine Tailleferre plays a villa guest and dancer
* Cathy Stewart plays Sophie
* France Lomay plays Marie’s friend
* Laurence Rivoal plays a villa guest
* Lucette Gill plays the headmistress (non-sex)
* Nadine Scant plays Marie’s friend
* Rosemary de Angelis plays a villa guest
* XNK1716 plays a lesbian student
* XNK1717 plays a lesbian student
* exotic unknown, one of the poolside dancers


* Carmelo Petix plays a villa guest
* Charlie Schreiner plays a hospital patient
* Cyril Val plays a doctor
* Dominique Irrisou plays Joel, Sophie’s boyfriend
* Guy Royer plays Sophie’s godfather
* Richard Lemieuvre plays a hospital patient



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