La Clinique des phantasmes (1980) DVD


The names of other publications:
* Clinic of Fantasies
* Clinique pour femmes
* Excess in the Ladies’ Clinic
* Exzesse in der Frauenklinik DVD available DVD Ribu
* Parties tres speciales 1981
* RX for Sex DVD available in USA, DVD Classic-X

* Barbara Moose plays Madame Gilbert
* Brigitte Lahaie as Brigitte Bordeaux, plays Martine Richard
* Brigitte Verbecq plays a patient at clinic in country
* Cathy Stewart plays the receptionist at clinic in country
* France Lomay plays Jean’s lover
* Julia Perrin as Julia Perrier in the US release, plays a maid, Nana
* Mika Barthel plays Richard Lemievre’s nurse / secretary, Nathalie
* Monique Carrere as Martine Carrere, plays Monika, Madame Renoir
* Morgane plays a new nurse, Monique
* Sophie Duflot plays woman who gets bottle stuck
* Sophie Guers

* Jean-Pierre Armand plays Adrian, the bottle-lady’s butler
* Alban Ceray plays Jean Richard
* Richard Lemieuvre plays the doctor
* Claude Irisson (Thierry de Brem) plays a customer at the cafe
* Jacques Vinair plays a waiter in the cafe scene (the young doctor in Sinnliche Sehnsucht)
* Cyril Val plays the bald doctor at the clinic in the countryside
* Carmelo Petix plays the camp doctor at the clinic in the country
* Doctor at the clinic in the country
* Patrice Cheron plays the manager of the boutique (non-sex)
* Guy Berardant
* Jean-Paul Bride
* Benoit Archenout

Video: Mpeg-2 Video, 4:3, PAL, 4700 Kbps
Audio: France: 48 kHz, AC3 Dolby Digital, 2 (L, R) ch, ~ 192.00 kbps avg




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