Veuves en chaleur (1978)

Alternate Titles
* Black Dreams ( Tabu DVD English title)
* Chasseur de veuves
* Träume junger Witwen (Tabu DVD, probably Beate Uhse video title)
* Vedova in calore – Italy
* Viudas caliente
* Young Widows – USA, Caballero

Directed by: Claude Bernard-Aubert as Burd Tranbaree

* Alexandra Sand
* Danièle Troeger uncredited
* Diane Dubois uncredited
* Edwige Faillel
* Emmanuelle Parèze uncredited, second widow
* Françoise Maillot plays Antoinette, maid to second widow
* Jenny Feeling fourth widow?
* Karine Gambier uncredited, 6th widow
* Marie-Dominique Cabannes uncredited, plays Julie, a maid
* Marion Schultz 5th widow
* Nicole Velna uncredited, non-sex, brief appearance during end credits
* Valérie Martin’s plays the first widow

* Richard Lemieuvre, as Richard Allan
* Charlie Schreiner, plays Olivier
* Olivier’s friend, Alain
* Jacques Marbeuf as “widow” 7

Scene 01 Valérie Martin’s, Charlie Schreiner
Scene 02 Emmanuelle Parèze, Charlie Schreiner
Scene 03 Emmanuelle Parèze, Françoise Maillot, Charlie Schreiner
Scene 04 Jenny Feeling, Charlie Schreiner
Scene 05 Marion Schultz, Charlie Schreiner
Scene 06 Karine Gambier, Marie-Claude Viollet, Marie-Dominique Cabannes, Charlie Schreiner
Scene 07 Edwige Faillel, Richard Lemieuvre, Charlie Schreiner
Scene 08 Alexandra Sand, Diane Dubois, Charlie Schreiner
Scene 09 Danièle Troeger, guy
Scene 10 Alexandra Sand, Diane Dubois, Danièle Troeger, Charlie Schreiner, guy

Language: French, English

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