Les Petites nymphettes (1982)


Original Title

* Sweet Young Girls (Germany, Ribu DVD)

Alternate Titles

* Calde dive del sesso (Italy, DVD Shendene)
* Les Petites nymphettes (Alpha France, Blue One DVD)


* Celine Gallone as Celine
* Dominique Saint Claire as Dom Pat, plays Nathalie, a model
* Flore Soller plays a model
* Jane Baker plays Britta
* Julia Perrin plays Gina
* Laura Clair orgy scene
* Nadine Roussial plays a model
* Nicole Segaud plays Janine, David’s girlfriend
* Sandrine Pernelle orgy scene
* Sophie Duflot plays Paul’s secretary
* Ulrike Lary plays Chantal, a model
* Valerie Martin’s plays Carole
* XNK0413 brun w. G.Pontello in orgy scene
* XNK3423 dark-skinned model (non-sex)


* Gil Lagardere as Dominique Saint Claire, plays Alain, a photographer
* Guy Berardant (aka Jacques Vinair) plays David Bird, chief photographer
* Cyril Val plays Paul, a photographer
* Guy Royer plays Mr. Pierre Marain
* Alban Ceray plays a trainer/masseur at a gym
* Richard Lemieuvre plays a trainer/masseur at a gym
* Gabriel Pontello orgy scene
* Jacques Gateau orgy scene

Young women in a modeling agency enjoy their jobs immensely as all of the action doesn’t necessarily take place in front of the camera. The agency has a chance to land a contract but only if their girls are up to the task at hand. Of course they will do whatever it takes to get the job. This classic French film is directed by Gerard Kikoine & stars Julia Perrin, Dominique Saint Claire, Jane Baker, Sophie Duflot, Nicole Segaud, Flore Soller & Nadine Roussial.




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