Secretariat Prive (1981)


Released: 1981
Director: Claude-Bernard Aubert as Burd Tranbaree

* Dominique Saint Claire plays Josefa (sounds like)
* Elisabeth Buré plays Josienne (sounds like)
* Laura Clair b/g in ladies’ with Richard Lemieuvre
* Nadine Roussial plays Valerie (sounds like)
* Nicole Segaud plays Maria

* Guy Royer
* Richard Lemieuvre
* Piotr Stanislas (non-sex)

The happy go lucky secretariat near the Eiffel-tower is populated by a group of sex-crazed office workers. If you take a job as secretary here, be prepared to work on your knees, not just sharpening pencils. For special services, the female employees on occasion get awarded a gold penis. At the end there’s the obligatory group-sex session on the rather dusty office-floor.



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