Les Porte-Jarretelles de la Révolution (1989)

Alternate Titles
*1789 – Les Sans-Culottes same film?
* Die Französische Revolution – Ein Lasterhaftes Vergnügen – Magma 88147 / Exlusive (VHS)
* The French Revolution – Depraved Pleasures – Magma, English title
* Les Jupons de la révolution – soft version
* Les Petites culottes de la Révolution – soft version

* Jenny Karsloff plays Marienette
* Laura Valerie as Laura Valery, plays Marianne
* Melina Paduvani plays Corinne
* Melodie Kiss as Jenny Karsloff or as Superstar Anita?, plays Eve
* Penelope Valentin as Penelope Lamour, plays Charlotte
* Sabrina Darmon plays Anice
* Tina Dubois

Language: French



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