Marylin Mon Amour (1985)


Released: 1982
Director: Michel Lemoine as Michel Leblanc

Alternate Titles
In Pursuit of Amour soft version, US cable TV
Inside Marilyn Teil II
Marilyn, My Love USA and Germany (Herzog DVD)

Chantal Trobert as Chantal on DVD, plays a model
Laura Clair plays Yvonne, Mitzi’s friend
Maria Granada plays a model
Olinka Hardiman as Olinka, plays Mitzi
XNK0321 plays a model, possibly as the Eliane credited on the DVD
XNK0322 plays Mirna, Renato’s girlfriend, credited as Maria Granada on DVD

Males –

Gabriel Pontello plays Olinka’s substitute lover, Renato
André Kay takes part in the orgy with the models
Olinka’s estranged lover
Gérard Gregory plays Roger Vandel, Mitzi’s producer
Eric Dray, uncredited, plays the café owner in the last scene
Dominique Aveline, uncredited, takes part in orgy with models
Antony Ray, plays Dan, an actor, takes part in orgy with models



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