Mrs. Smith’s Erotic Holiday (1982)


Bored with her humdrum sex life, a couple go on a carnal cruise on the high seas to put an erotic kick back in to their sinking libido. As the boat navigates the waves the sex mistress, whose job it is to titillate and amaze, navigates her way through every couples’ stateroom and leaves a tidal wave of lust in her wake. During the seven-day cruise, each stateroom competes against each other for the most inventive sexual encounters. Pipe yourself aboard to a luxury of ocean scenery and a bounty of beauties and rock the boat, in and out of port!


Becky Savage
Lei Quan
Maria Tortuga [BJOnly Facial]
Jennifer West (as Sally Swift)


Starbuck (as Ken Starbuck)
Kevin James
Tommy LaRock
NonSex Performers
Ian MacGregor (as Lawrence Rothchild)

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Jennifer West, Tommy LaRock
Scene 2. Jennifer West, guy
Scene 3. Maria Tortuga, Tommy LaRock
Scene 4. Jennifer West, Kevin James
Scene 5. Becky Savage, Tommy LaRock
Scene 6. Lei Quan, Tommy LaRock
Scene 7. Jennifer West, Tommy LaRock




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