The Erotic World Of Renee Summers (1985)



Starring: Amy Trudeau, Maria Tortuga, Renee Summers, Susan Wilde, Blake Palmer, Eric Edwards, Frank James, Hershel Savage, Michael Morrison, Sasha Gabor, Tom.

Description: In red and white lace Renee takes us on a tour of her incredible sex life. As she describes the torrid encounters with some of filmdom’s legendary lovers, her lewd fingers toy with her pleasure center. We are privileged to witness these contests with boudoire champions in lurid detail, as Renee travels far from the beaten path. She and her friend offer their derrieres to Eric Edwards, and he plunders them both. Maria Tortuga brings her a guy who looks like Burt Reynolds, and the Bandit himself never made out better. Boyfriend Frank dresses Renee as a French maid. She takes his orders dutifully and serves up pleasure flaming hot. She hurls herself into several situations that call for handling oversized appendages, and in every case accommodates all they have to offer. She’s ready for all comers.




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