Newcomers (1983)

Year: 1983
Country: USA
Genre: Classic, oral, anal, lesbi, masturbation
Length: 1:14:18
Language: English

Directed by: Roy Karch


When Fred keeps getting a busy signal instead of his girlfriend Lori, he decides to check on her. Sure enough, she’s cheating – with another woman! While Fred samples the competition, Lori storms downstairs and gives her daughter’s boyfriend a music lesson on top of the piano. Then her daughter arrives but has to wait her turn. Frustrated and dripping at the top of the stairs, she grabs Fred and gets him to hose down her nubile flames.

These insatiable lovers continue to probe each other’s fantasies and in the end, the girls find their men are good to the last drop!


Cara Lott
Misty Dawn
Shaun Michelle (as Shaun Michele) [Facial]
Summer Rose [Anal Facial]


Nick Random
Peter North
Steve Drake

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Cara Lott, Shaun Michelle
Scene 2. Shaun Michelle, Steve Drake
Scene 3. Cara Lott, Peter North
Scene 4. Summer Rose
Scene 5. Misty Dawn, Nick Random
Scene 6. Summer Rose, Steve Drake
Scene 7. Summer Rose, Peter North
Scene 8. Cara Lott, Steve Drake




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