Loose Times At Ridley High (1984)


Also Known As     Little Girls Blue 3

Year: 1984
Country: USA
Genre: Classic, oral, lesbi, masturbation, threesome
Length: 1:11:19
Language: English


Attend a school where the teachers make both the grades and the girls. These cute little lasses, bedecked in their mid-thigh uniforms, cross and uncross their virginal legs for their instructors. With shoulder straps that outline the pert, young breasts, teachers struggle to maintain their raging passions!

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. girl, Paul Thomas
  • Scene 2. Kimberly Carson, Tom Byron
  • Scene 3. Renee Summers
  • Scene 4. Andrea Adams, Eric Edwards
  • Scene 5. blonde, Jade Nichols
  • Scene 6. Andrea Adams, Renee Summers, Tom Byron
  • Scene 7. blonde, Jade Nichols, Tom Byron
  • Scene 8. Kimberly Carson, Tom Byron
  • Scene 9. Bunny Bleu, Paul Thomas

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