Tropic Of Desire (1979)


The infamous World War II cathouse, The Pink Flamingo, is the setting for Tropic Of Desire. Georgina Spelvin, the first lady of the adult cinema, plays Frances, the warm-hearted madam who caters to the sex starved servicemen. Along with the explicit scenes as the troops roll in, are slices of genuine nostalgia, via the sets and period music. One of the more interesting concepts yet tackled. The stag film within the film is most unique.


Dorothy Lemay
Georgina Spelvin [LezOnly]
Jesie St. James
Kitty Shayne [Facial]
Marlene Munroe (as Liz Torres) [Fisting]
Jane Lindsay (as Mandy Ashley)
Starr Wood (as Star Hills)
Susan Nero (as Susan Shields)


Blair Harris (as David Blair)
Don Fernando
James Price
Jon Martin
Ken Scudder (as Ken Cotton)
Eric Stein (as Roy Guerro)

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Kitty Shayne, Eric Stein
Scene 2. Georgina Spelvin
Scene 3. Jesie St. James, Jon Martin
Scene 4. Starr Wood, Blair Harris
Scene 5. Dorothy Lemay, Georgina Spelvin
Scene 6. Marlene Munroe, Don Fernando
Scene 7. Jane Lindsay, James Price
Scene 8. Susan Nero, Ken Scudder
Scene 9. Dorothy Lemay, Blair Harris



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