Perverse Sexspiele (1977)

Released: 1977
Director: Jean-Claude Roy as Patrick Aubin

Alternate Titles
Crazy Hotel Mike Hunter DVD box title
Love Village
Perverse Sexspiele West Germany, Mike Hunter

Barbara Moose
Carole Gire
Fiorentina Fuga as Florentina Moraru, plays the maid
Joëlle Lequement as?, plays a hotel guest
Miriam Wateau as Myriam Watteau, plays a hotel guest
Nadine Scant uncredited, plays one of the researchers

Males –

Alban Ceray as Alban
Dominique Aveline, uncredited, plays the motorist
Jean Louis Vattier plays Gaston, the baker’s boy
Roger Trapp may be the man who plays a gendarme (non-sex)
Charlie Schreiner, uncredited, plays a guest
unidentified male, looks similar in some ways to Charlie Schreiner, also in Ragazza alla Pari, plays the male researcher



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