Secretaires sans culotte (1979)


Je suis vicieuse
Martine – la Venus del placer
Martine, Venus der Wollust
Secrétaires sans culotte

Production year: 1979
Country : Frankreich | Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Genre : Feature / Classic
– French version 1:10:00
– German version 1:03:00
Directed by : Heiko Hagemann
Studio : Alpha France

Barbara Moose as Martine Semo, plays Martine
Brigitte Lahaie as Brigitte Bordeaux
Cathy Stewart
Diane Dubois as Denise Lascene
Liliane Lemieuvre uncredited, brief, non-sex appearance
Marilyn Jess uncredited
Morgane uncredited, white dress, sex scene with Alban Ceray
Richard Lemieuvre as Richard Alan
Guy Royer as Guy Roye
Dominique Aveline (uncredited)
Alban Ceray (uncredited)

Description : Richard Lemieuvre is a dentist in Paris. His niece (Barbara Moose) comes to visit and he hires a private detective (Dominique Aveline) to keep a watch on her.
Martine works as his receptionist at first and spies on him having sex with a patient (Brigitte Lahaie) who, at the end of the session inserts love balls inside herself. Martine copies this when she goes off to a shoe shop (she also seems to be working there) where Liliane Lemieuvre is a customer (non-sex). Martine has sex with the shop assistant, who notices her playing with herself.
Martine has various adventures, including getting involved in a fetish dungeon scene with Diane Dubois, Marilyn Jess and Guy Royer, sex with a waiter in the hotel, watches Alban Ceray having sex with Morgane (dressed as a bride), phoning up her uncle while he has sex with his wife (Cathy Stewart) and finally with Dominique Aveline who has been following her around all this time.





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