Secretaires sans culotte (1979)

Original Title

* Cette malicieuse Martine

Alternate Titles

* Je suis vicieuse
* Martine – la Venus del placer (Spain; Dir. given as Pablo-Juan Torena)
* Martine, Venus der Wollust (Germany, Ribu; Dir. given as Rudolf Krause)
* Secrétaires sans culotte (Alpha France video re-issue and DVD title)


* Barbara Moose as Martine Semo, plays Martine
* Brigitte Lahaie as Brigitte Bordeaux
* Cathy Stewart
* Diane Dubois as Denise Lascene (her “real” name)
* Liliane Lemieuvre uncredited, brief, non-sex appearance
* Marilyn Jess uncredited
* Morgane uncredited, white dress, sex scene with Alban Ceray


* Richard Lemieuvre as Richard Alan
* Guy Royer as Guy Roye
* Dominique Aveline (uncredited)
* Alban Ceray (uncredited)

Language: German, French

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