French Satisfaction (1983)

Alternate Titles
*À plein sexe de tous les côtés
*À pleins sexes (original French title)
*Hôtesses très spéciales ( title of Blue One DVD (1 hr 10½ mins) with Les Patientes du gynecologue and Parfums de lingeries intimes )
*Parfums de lingeries intimes ( Fil à Film Prestige video (but confusion with this title being re-used for another title on the same Blue One DVD)
*Satisfaction à la Française ? 
*Slam Bang USA, Command Video

Actresses :
Sophie Granier (Pressle) plays Sophie, Richard Lemievre’s wife (scene 01, 10)
XNK0127 plays Nathalie Lefevre, Alban Ceray’s first girlfriend (scene 02, 04)
Diane Dubois plays Jugde Lefevre (scene 03)
Elisabeth Buré plays the prostitute in bar (scene 05)
Laura Clair plays Francine Chandon, Alban Ceray’s second girlfriend (scene 06)
Marianne Wäckerle plays Brigitte, blonde prostitute at Gilberts’s house (scene 07)
Barbara Von Staten plays Lulu, brunette prostitute at Gilberts’s house (scene 07)
Agnès Ardant plays Mademoiselle Françoise, maid at Gilberts’s house (scene 08)
Martine Capellaro plays another prostitute in her own room (scene 09)

Main actors :
Alban Ceray is Laurent Mercier
Gabriel Pontello is Robert
XUnknown is Gilbert
Richard Lemievre is Inspecteur Richard
Jacques Gateau is Inspecteur Albert Bercy
Zambo/Zoubap (black servant)

Scenes :
Scene 01 : FM / Sophie Granier (Pressle) as Sophie (nude)- Richard Lemievre
Scene 02 : FM / Nathalie Lefevre (black-stockings)-Alban Ceray as Laurent Mercier
Scene 03 : FM / Diane Dubois (black-stockings)-Alban Ceray
Scene 04 : FM / Nathalie Lefevre(white-stockings)-Gabriel Pontello
Scene 05 : FM / Elisabeth Buré (prostitute in bar)-Jacques Gateau (blowjob only)
Scene 06 : FM / Laura Clair (white-bra)-Alban Ceray
Scene 07 : FFMM / Marianne Wäckerle (blonde), Barbara Von Staten (brune)- Gilbert, Alban Ceray
Scene 08 : FM / Agnès Ardant-Zambo
Scene 09 : FMM / Martine Capellaro (prostitute)-Richard Lemievre, Jacques Gateau
Scene 10 : FM / Sophie Granier (Pressle) as Sophie (white-stockings)-Richard Lemievre

916 MB — 01:10:30 — MKV/x264 — 700×560 — 2 audio tracks
Language: French, German


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