Les Hotesses du sexe (1977)


Alternate Titles

Aerolineas sexuales
Love Airline (USA, with some additional exterior shots, linking scenes and a closing scene, all between Georgina Spelvin and John Leslie)
Sex Airlines


* Emmanuelle Rivière plays the co-pilot
* Erika Cool as Erika, plays the third air hostess
* Karine Gambier plays the second air hostess
* Maude Carolle as Maud Hunt, plays the pilot
* Siegried Cellier plays Virginie, passenger in the plane
* Véronique Maugarski plays the first air hostess
* XNK0070 hooker with the two Americans
* XNK0071 millionaire scene, non-sex
* XNK0072 harem girl
* XNK0073 harem girl

The film is copyright 1976, though IMDB gives a release date of 1977.

Males –

* Thierry de Brem plays Paul
* Robert le Ray plays the millionaire
* Guy Royer plays the emir
* Jacques Insermini plays the first American
* Madou Sall plays the second American
* Jean-Louis Vattier plays Jean Loup
* Michel Buffler plays ‘l’original’ (maybe the contortionist)
* male doctor for the millionaire
* hotel manager
* taxi driver





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