Le Pied a terre (1981)


Original title

* Garçonnières très spéciales

Alternate Titles

* Denn sie wusste nicht was sie tat (Germany)
* French Erotica
* Le Pied à terre (original working title and new DVD title)
* Two-Way Mirror

Released: 1981
Director: Claude-Bernard Aubert as Burd Tranbaree
Note: France, Shangrila Productions, Alpha France VHS, 1 hr 22 mins


* Cathy Dupre as Jennifer
* Dany [3]
* Elisabeth Bure plays Francoise
* Eva Muller plays the brunette pick-up
* Isabelle Brell as Isabelle Bresl
* Laura May plays the blonde pick-up
* Marianne Aubert plays Marie-Claude
* Olivia Flores as Moannie, plays Valerie, the neighbour


* Hubert Geral, plays Jean-Loup, Elisabeth Bure’s husband
* Guy Royer, uncredited, plays plays Jean-Claude, Marie-claude’s husband
* Richard Lemieuvre, uncredited, plays Vincent
* Pjotr Stanislas, uncredited, plays Mathias
* Andre Kay, uncredited, plays the insurance man
* Patrick Perrin

Scene 1 Marianne Aubert, Patrick Perrin, Richard Lemieuvre
Scene 2 Cathy Dupre, Guy Royer, Isabelle Brell
Scene 3 Marianne Aubert, Guy Royer
Scene 4 Elisabeth Bure, Hubert Geral
Scene 5 Elisabeth Bure, Hubert Geral, guy
Scene 6 Andre Kay, Elisabeth Bure
Scene 7 Elisabeth Bure, Richard Lemieuvre
Scene 8 Cathy Dupre, Hubert Geral
Scene 9 Elisabeth Bure, Hubert Geral
Scene 10 Elisabeth Bure, Olivia Flores
Scene 11 Elisabeth Bure, Pjotr Stanislas, Richard Lemieuvre
Scene 12 Eva Muller, Hubert Geral, Laura May
Scene 13 Elisabeth Bure, Hubert Geral




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