Marianne Bouquet (1976)


Released: 1972 (1976 for US hardcore version)
Director: Michel Lemoine
Notes: originally soft core


* Claudia Coste plays Marianne
* Janine Reynaud plays Francis
* Magda Mundari as Magda Mondari, plays La Brune
* Martine Azencot plays Edith
* Virginie Vignon plays Chantal


* Michel Lemoine plays Michel
* François Cannone plays Philippe
* Jimmy Hollosy plays Jimmy
* Jacques Valois

She Needed Him… But She Couldn’t Wait. Marianne, the beautiful wife of Michael, loves her husband very much, but Michael cannot resist the lure of illicit sex. His sexual escapades are seemingly endless. Marianne’s faithfulness has its limits and when she meets and beds the handsome Philip she must make a decision… to wait for the man she married to return to her or start her life anew with someone else.
The passions of the heart and body come together in an explicit, searing tale of love and lust and a woman ready to bloom emotionally and sexually.

* Scene 1. Janine Reynaud, Michel Lemoine
* Scene 2. Claudia Coste, Michel Lemoine
* Scene 3. Martine Azencot, Michel Lemoine
* Scene 4. Prunella Ransome, Michel Lemoine
* Scene 5. Claudia Coste, Francoise Cannone
* Scene 6. Eileen Wells, Girl, John Seeman
* Scene 7. Francoise Dammien, Magda Mundari
* Scene 8. Virginie Vignon, Michel Lemoine



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