Shocking! (1976)


Director: Claude Mulot (as Frederic Lansac)
Producer : Francis Leroi
Cinematography : Roger Fellous

Starring :

* Carole Gire (plays Ninochka & Linda)
* Dawn Cumming (archive footage)
* Emmanuelle Parèze (plays Juliette de Courval)
* Karine Gambier (plays Patricia)
* Marie-Christine Chireix (as Corinne Sintes) (plays Armelle)
* Jacques Insermini (plays Alex de Courval)
* Gilbert Servien (plays Richard)
* Jean-Louis Vattier (plays Arnold, the butler)
* Thierry de Brem (in flashbacks, possibly archive footage)
* Uncredited male ( in flashbacks)
* Uncredited male (Man who plays the US president)
* Uncredited male (Man who plays the USSR president)
* Uncredited male (The son of the de Courvals)




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