Summer Session (1975)

aka Hot Summer Sessions

Andrea True
Orita De Chadwick

Franklin Anthony
Paul Scharf
George Savage

Scene breakdowns
Scene 1. brun, Franklin Anthony
Scene 2. Andrea True, Paul Scharf
Scene 3. Orita De Chadwick, guy
Scene 4. Andrea True, Paul Scharf
Scene 5. Andrea True
Scene 6. brun, Orita De Chadwick, guy
Scene 7. Andrea True, Paul Scharf

Whether it was a microphone or a cock, she just loved holding stiffies! She puffed off both a XXX and a singing career, racking up Top Ten disco hits such as More More More (1976). Extended and intimate scenes with Andrea and skinny blonde costar Orita De Chadwick! A “TRUE” classic in every sense of the word. Andrea gets fucked and sucks like a real pro and asks “how do ya like it?”




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